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A Healing Place
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Restoring and Reconciling Broken Relationships


For Women

HeartWords offers counsel and resources to those wounded by the trauma of emotional and/or physical betrayal, specifically sexual addiction caused by pornography. There is comfort and hope for the hurting as well as company on the journey to wholeness. “It’s not your fault” and “You’re not alone” are two phrases you will hear repeated at HeartWords. The pain of betrayal has the ability to isolate a person in addition to tearing apart their feelings of worth and value. Marriages can be rebuilt IF both of the spouses are willing to commit to the hard work of recovery. Relationships can be better than in the beginning because of the greater intimacy gained by working together on rebuilding. There are so many issues to be addressed in recovery that it’s almost impossible to go through it by yourself. HeartWords is here to be that voice of comfort, reason and sanity in the painful, confusing new world of addiction.

Click on the "Resources" tab to see Georgia's line of greeting cards and book marks available for purchase.

Georgia is available for speaking to women's groups both large and small on the topic trauma whether it is the result of betrayal, loss of a loved one, or any other traumatic event in a woman's life.
"Georgia has made all the difference in my life as I have learned to trust her counsel, Biblical insights and sense of humor. When she told me that "It wasn't my fault" and "You are not alone" those "heartwords" were the beginning of my recovery from the trauma in my life" A.H.