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HeartWords Counseling
For Men, Women, Couples
We are what are called "lay counselors". We are not licensed professional counselors, but we have found that when a couple goes through the trauma of discovering or confession of sexual addiction by a spouse, the most important thing they need to hear is "You are not alone".
Most of the wives that go through this trauma feel that they are somehow at fault and in some cases "professionals" have actually indicated that it is their fault.
Most men, if they are the offender, generally want things to be different but don't know how to stop the acting out or to have long term recovery. Statistics show that over half of the men that attend church struggle with pornography so men are not alone either.
Between us, whether we meet with a couple or one on one, we can offer a listening, understanding ear, some referrals to professional counselors, our own experience in recovery and what has worked for us to get us to where we are.
If you or someone you know has just begun to face the trauma of betrayal by a spouse being unfaithful or in some type of sexual sin, just have them contact us through our contact page and we will do our best, with God's help and direction, to help people through the crisis time of the trauma.
Whether via email, telephone, or over a cup of coffee, we would be glad to help.
Click here for contact info.
We can also help your church to deal with this issue. Click Here for a brochure explaining what we can offer your church